Understanding Textile Recycling

In an effort to better understand the textile recycling process we have compiled this quick overview.

The salvage of refurbished and used clothing is one of the most widely recognized forms of textile recycling

Clothing items that are unfit to be resold but meet specifications are typically cut into Rags & Wipers

The next evolution of the textile fiber recovery process is fiber regeneration where individul types of natural and synthetic fibers are separated and processed back into industrial feedstocks

Mixed fibers that can not easily be separated are graded as flocking rags and become fiber filler material in new industrial products and building products

Enery from Waste is always an option for contaminated or complex manufactured items where value can still be extracted thru energy recovery

Textiles are highly desirable recycled materials and have been successfully recovered for multiple generations by recyclers who have provided collection, processing and distribution of this valuable resource.

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